Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Contracts & procurement

We have practitioners specialising in contracts and procurement, providing it's customers with the benefits of strategic alliances and associations as part of it's comprehensive suite of services.

We specialise in:

  • Cost estimating/AFE preparation
  • Contracting strategy drafting
  • Vendor identification & pre-qualification
  • ITT preparation and issue
  • Clarification/negotiation management
  • ITT review & recommendation
  • Purchase Order Preparation and Issue
  • Contract closure/PO completion

Technical & quality auditing

Provides confidence in your supply chain’s ability to meet your quality requirements.

The quality of your products are directly affected by the performance of your suppliers, therefore it is essential that you verify their ability to meet both local and international standards as well as any project or customer specific requirements. Global SCS has a proven track record of carrying out technical audits and vendor assessments worldwide.  In the current economic climate there is an increasing trend for lower cost materials from areas with less quality and manufacturing experience.  
Global SCS has vast experience in these markets and has a wealth of knowledge amongst its specialist team of auditors.

Global SCS pride themselves on their commitment to not only carrying out audits on your suppliers, but also helping them to improve their procedures and processes in order to meet your requirements and in doing so strengthening your supply chain.

We currently manage the approved supplier list for Line Pipe of one of the world’s largest operators as well as carrying out project or order specific individual audits for a number of clients across a range of commodities including OCTG, line pipe, drilling equipment, subsea and topside equipment.

Our technical audits and vendor assessments cover the following:

  • Quality management system reviews
  • Detailed assessment of manufacturing facilities and processes
  •  Assessment of welding and fabrication procedures and practices
  • Workload and capacity assessments
  • NDT assessments by our level 3 NDT specialist
  • Mechanical and metallurgical testing facilities assessment
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Training of personnel
  • Material handling, storage and packaging
  • Certification


  • Effective management of risk related to the safety and quality of supplies
  • Provides confidence of trade with suppliers
  • Provides confidence in supplier capabilities
  • Helps in cost reduction by reducing bad quality of supplied materials, equipment and services
  • Proven methodology for qualifying suppliers

Business strategy development

Global SCS can assist your organisation with our range of business management services. 

As a truly global company, we have the experience of assisting with setting up, managing and auditing successful businesses in over 40 Countries. 

Global SCS can assist with relationship management with customers, staff, suppliers, shareholders, communities and regulators. Services can be direct, project specific or over the phone adhoc, tailored to your organisation’s preference.

Our business strategy services include:

  • Project management 
  • Change management solutions
  • Quality management systems
  • Business development strategic planning
  • Growth mind-set coaching
  • Organisation relationship auditing
  • Relationship coaching
  • Africa, Asia/Pacific, European & Americas country experts


  • Provides confidence in your systems and approach
  • Provides clear direction for your organisation
  • Enhance quality of relationships within your organisation
  • Provides specific due diligence requirements
  • Confidence to trade in other regions

Vendor & third party inspections

Global SCS’ inspection services reduces risk, ensures quality and provides confidence in the compliance of your equipment with standard, codes and regulatory requirements.

We bring extensive experience and high levels of skill and commitment to this all-important aspect of every contract. Through diligence and a dedicated team of people, we provide the ideal solution to the QA/QC part of our project package. We guarantee the highest standards of technical quality assurance for every project we undertake. This is underpinned by our excellent network of suppliers, strategic alliances and associations. As with all our services our speed of response to our customers’ requirements and the quality of our solutions are the hallmarks of our work.

Global SCS has two types of QC Inspections.

  • Vendor inspection
  • Independent third party inspection


Providing confidence in delivery of quality with your global supply chain.

  • Involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture before delivery
  • The items are verified against client specified specifications and purchase order requirements
  • Global SCS acts as an extension to your quality team and supports quality assurance throughout the procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning and operation of the equipment/process
  • Inspection results in the issue of inspection reports, release notes etc


  • Involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture
  • Items are checked for their design and manufacturing compliance against international standards and codes
  • Inspection results in the issue of Certificate of Conformance (CoC)
  • Global SCS acts as a totally independent body to verify the design and manufacturing as per the standard requirements 


  • Reduce and manage risks linked to quality problems with supplies
  • Provides reassurance on the supply chain. Proven cost effective method of managing quality of your supply chain

Quality engineering

Global SCS’ quality engineering services reduces risk, ensures quality and provides confidence in the compliance of your equipment with standards, codes and regulatory requirements.

We bring extensive experience and high levels of skill and commitment to this all-important aspect of every project stage. Through diligence and a dedicated team of people, we provide the ideal solution to the QA/QC part of your project package. We guarantee the highest standards of technical quality assurance for every project we undertake.

Over time processes will be defined and best practices can be taken from all over the industry and implemented with the customer's organisation.

Global SCS can either provide:

  • Quality Engineers to work on behalf of the customer located either onsite or remotely
  • Source staff personnel to work directly for the customer 

Our team of experts can offer support/services in the following areas:

  • Conduct various GAP analysis on current QA/QC processes and identify key risk areas
  • Define, implement and resource appropriate QA/QC processes, systems and documentation
  • Develop and manage supplier evaluation processes and audit programs
  • Provide relevant quality T&C's and review technical requirements in contracts
  • Assist with technical or quality tender evaluation
  • Develop and manage the vendor inspection process
  • Source and place quality engineers and QC inspectors to oversee QA/QC operations onsite
  • Manage NCR process / supplier performance
  • Manage local content QA/QC training and development

All the above can be applied to current business operations or specific projects.

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Global SCS’ Design Verification department are delighted to have been awarded this important accreditation by UKAS. UKAS assessed the Aberdeen based business who are now qualified as a Type A inspection body as per ISO/IEC 17020 conformity assessment standard. Managing Director Steven Dunbar said “We have been working towards...

Thursday 2nd August 2018

Global SCS completed the certification on a lifting frame for Energyst CAT Rental Power

Global SCS recently completed the certification on a lifting frame designed to BS EN 12079 Parts 1 & 2 - Offshore containers and associated lifting sets and DNV 2.7-1 – Standard for Certification – Offshore Containers for Energyst CAT Rental Power. The Frame was for a Temporary 2MW power package...

Tuesday 25th July 2017