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Further international expansion for Global SCS

Thursday 6th August 2015

We have further expanded our International presence with an office in Dubai to handle growing demand for services in the Middle East and Africa.

Our roots that go back to 1997, already have overseas offices in Houston in the US, Perth and Brisbane in Australia and Stavanger in Norway. Further offices in Canada and Singapore are also being considered.

Managing director Tommy Hillock said: "The Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia-Pacific all hold a number of exciting opportunities for us."

We have around 100 regular customers worldwide, ranging from oil majors to smaller players, who rely on us for our quality engineering, audit, third-party inspection and contracts & procurement services.

Our annual turnover is being targeted to more than double to $50 million(£32 million)within the next five years,leading to an increase in our regular 170-strong workforce at home and abroad.

Mr Hillock said the business continues to do well, despite the backdrop of a tough environment for the worldwide oil industry.

He added: "The success and growth of Global SCS can be attributed to always delivering what we promise.

"We are winning more work in the current market because our clients can save a lot of money through our techniques for risk mitigation."

Our quality assurance/quality control consultancy and quality engineering section has just landed a new contract with BG International.

Under the project-focused framework agreement, we will provide consultants to support BG’s worldwide supply-chain.

Mr Hillock said: “We’ve done a lot of workin a number of countries for BG to date,and this contract will build on this track record."

He expected the new BG agreement to give us a significant boost to turnover at Global SCS.

We achieved a turnover of $18 million(£11.5 million)in the financial year to last March and we're forecasting $20 million(£12.8 million)in the current year.

The biggest part of our business is our third-party inspection services, but quality engineering has been experiencing significant growthin recent months.

Whilst much of our work is generated in Aberdeen,we also have a major presence in the worldwide inspection market, with around 3,000 freelance inspectors who are called on when necessary.

Fresh opportunities to drive growth are always being explored.

For example,we have just introduced a flexible pipes,umbilicalsand polymers consultancy and has engaged Graeme Bulmer, who has a BSc (Honours) in polymer science and technology and is a chartered engineer. He has been in the sector for 16 years, solving issues for a number of operators in the North Sea and other parts of the world.

Mr Hillock said offering services in this area including analysis and assessment was a natural add-on to the company's existingbusiness lines.

"We see great potential in this fresh area," he added.